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Batam is an island located in Riau Islands Province. The island is famous for its free trade zone and is one of the areas directly adjacent to neighboring countries. Many people make Batam as one of the exit/entrance to Singapore or Malaysia. So do not be surprised if you are visiting Batam during the weekend, the port area will be very crowded because many people going in and out of this island. Then, besides making Batam as the entrance/exit gate, what can we do if we have two days one night on this island? Here is my personal opinion.


Although the shopping area on the island is not as glorious as a shopping center in the capital, Batam Island has many interesting places to shop for those who like to do so. Each location has its own specialization, for example, if you are looking for mobile phones and its accessories you may go to Lucky Plaza, there is a line of shops that sell mobile phones that are much cheaper than other regions in Indonesia. The most famous place shopping shop for the tourist is Nagoya Hill. You can find almost everything there from a clothing line to baby toys. And if you are looking for vintage or secondhand stuff, you can go to Aviary Market in Batuaji area.


As an area surrounding by the coast, no wonder Batam is also famous for its seafood. We can find a lot of seafood restaurant spread along the island. But my favorite is on Tanjung Piayu Laut area where there are many options with a relatively cheaper prize,  Tanjung Piayu also serves fresh seafood and we can choose our own seafood before it is cooked and served to us. The scenery in every restaurant is also very beautiful because all restaurants are located at the seaside.


Although In my opinion beaches in Batam are not as beautiful as those in its neighbor, Bintan, but if you are visiting Batam and want to enjoy the beach, you can visit the beaches that located after The Barelang Bridge heading to Rempang and Galang Island. Rempang and Galang Island located beside Batam Island and connect by Barelang Bridge which stands for Batam-Rempang-Galang. The beaches are relatively quieter and cleaner than the beaches in Batam Island itself. If you have more than a day you can also visit Abang Island to snorkel and do Island Hopping to the small islands around the Batam Island.

Historical tour

Interested in history and want to visit the relics of the past? you can go to Kampung Vietnam. Kampung Vietnam is located approximately 50 KM from downtown. This location stands approximately 80 hectares and was once inhabited by Vietnamese refugees who fled their country due to civil war. There are many camps of residents, museums, places of worship and also prisons standing in a location now called the village of Vietnam. The Locations are currently uninhabited. It also blows out many pretty haunted stories. Please note that there is no public transportation to reach this location, so if you intend to visit it, renting a private vehicle or booking your own transportation becomes an option to do.

Of course, there is still much that can be done in Batam Island, but if you only have two days one night in Batam, you can put in some of my suggestions to your itinerary. 🙂


editor: Anneis

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