[English] Sabang, Treasure in the Western of Indonesia

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The trip to Sabang left a lot of stories for me and my friends. We were excited from a few weeks before the trip to decide our itinerary in Sabang, although we have 4 days, but still I think it is not really enough to explore this pretty little island.

Sabang is a city located in Weh Island, the most western part of Indonesia. To reach the city, you have to fly to Banda Aceh city and take 3 hours ferry ride to Weh Island. Some of Indonesian Sabang abbreviation stands for Santai Banget in Indonesia Language which means really relax in English. But, I think it feels most likely true because the feeling after you arrive in this island is really relaxing. The Island is pretty, the beaches are beautiful, a lot of good food, the people are nice, such a perfect place for holiday, if there is another chance, I will definitely come again to Sabang.

While in Sabang, I was guided by a driver named Mr. Kana. This man owns a transportation service company in the island. He knows a lot of stories about the island as well as many good places and of course good food. I visited some interesting places in Sabang and I will write them into two posts in this blog, so make sure you read all of them if you are planning to put Sabang as one of your travel destination. 🙂

Sumur Tiga Beach.

After we had checked in at the hotel where we stayed while in Sabang, we were visiting Sumur Tiga Beach. This beach is called Sumur Tiga in Indonesian which means Three wells in English because literally, there are three wells on the beach. The beach is located in the east part of this island and is the most perfect place to enjoy the sunrise. This beach has white sand, blue and turquise water. Around afternoon, the wave is calm and slow so we can swim at the beach.

pantai sumur tiga, pantai di sabang, sumur tiga, pantai di aceh

Some resorts and hotels are also located right beside this beach, including the famous Casa Nemo and The Fredies, I myself stayed at The Point Sabang resort.

Japanese Bunker and Anoi Itam Beach

This Japanese heritage bunker is located at the top of the hill, close to Anoi Itam beach. To reach it, we have to climb several steps until the top. The trip to the top is not as long as the stairs to the crater of Mount Bromo or Borobudur Temple, but it is quite challenging if you are not a fan of exercise or walking.

The strategic location of Sabang made the city become a very important port city at the time of Japan colonialism. This bunker was built as one of its military defenses.

bunker jepang, bunker jepang sabang, wisata kota sabang, wisata pulau weh, wisata aceh, wisata alam di aceh

bunker jepang sabang, wisata di sabang, wisata di aceh, rekomendasi wisata di pulau we

When we got there, the alleys were closed, but there was still a cannon left behind the bunker. Apart from the old buildings, the atmosphere around the bunker is amazing. Because it is located on a hill, the atmosphere of a loose sea, the green grass that reminds me of Teletubies hills and also the spread of black sand on the lips of Anoi Itam Beach is a very cool collaboration. Oh yes, on top of this hill there is also a small coffee shop so we can order the famous Aceh coffee while enjoying the beautiful sea right in front of us.

Keuneukai Hot Springs

After visiting the Japanese Bunker, Mr. Kana took us to the Keuneukai Hot Spring. The source of water for this hot spring is Jaboi Volcano. The shape of the pool here is like an ordinary swimming pool but the water flowed from Jaboi Volcano. If you want to visit here, it is recommended to visit it in the morning or in the evening because at the noon, the weather is very hot. Keep in mind also that cleaning schedule for the pool is every Friday and the pool will be closed on that day.

White sand beach

As already illustrated by its name, White Sand Beach has a very fine white sand. We spent a long time on this beach on the first day. When we got there no one was on the beach but us, it seems like a private beach. Near the beach, there are several small stalls to order foods and drinks. I played water on the beach while my friends chose to sit on the beach while enjoying drinks and also playing swings.

There are still some places that I visited during my trip to Sabang, I will write it down in my next post. If you want to read this article in Indonesian langauge, you can check it here.


editor: Anneis Kusumaputri

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  1. Bagus2 pemandangannya, terutama yang white sand beach, aku suka 🙂

    1. Rie

      iya, apalagi di white sands beach itu gak ada pengunjung lain, serasa milik pribadi jadinya… 🙂

  2. White sand, blue turqoise water…. duh pengen nyebuurrr.

    1. Rie

      banget… enak banget berenang disini, gak pengen naik jadinya.. heheh

  3. saya sudah pergi kesemua tempat diatas, memang menarik utk dikunjungi , pantai nya jernih dan warna air lautny biru hijau..bikin gregetan nak nyebur

    1. Rie

      iya betul… aku juga jadi kangen pantai lagi..

  4. Wahhhh kerennn banget ini yah surga di Barat Indonesia. Selama ini selalu diracuni sama cerita dan photo2 seperti ini hiks tp belom kesampaian main kesana

    1. Rie

      dulu juga di-iming-imingi sama temen akhirnya nekat kesana. tapi asli gak nyesel karena cantik banget.

  5. Dulu sempat ke Aceh dan melihat P.Sabang dari kejauhan, cantik ya tempatnya. Semoga suatu saat bisa main kesana.

  6. Ahh, this is one of the must visit places in Indonesia! Thank you for the info, mbak!

    1. Rie

      for sure. you have to be there 🙂
      sama-sama, its my pleasure 🙂

  7. My wish list tapi belum kesampaian ke Sana, huhu.

    1. Rie

      ayo ayo kapan kesana.. 🙂

  8. Ah sabang !
    Mengingatkan pada lagu dari sabang sampai merauke.

    Btw suka dg tulisannya.
    Wlopun english tp ttp mudah dipahami 🙂

    1. Rie

      terima kasih kakak 🙂 masih latihan supaya lancar..

  9. Wow it’s so amazing! How about the traditional food? is there any people who sell traditional food in that island?

    1. Rie

      yes. there are a lot of people live in the island as well. it is actually a pretty big island where you can find lots of people doing activity such as school and work too.

  10. Sabang kece banget. Saya paling suka di Iboih. Suasananya tenang, pemandangannya menakjubkan. Bikin malas pulang.

    1. Rie

      Sepakattttt… aku juga suka banget sama Iboih.. ngebayanginnya jadi kangen pantai deh..

  11. White sand beach, layaknya surga dunia…sangat cantik sekai…

    1. Rie

      Iya apalagi kaya serasa pantai pribadi. Bikin betah

  12. Sabang ini salah satu bucket listku yang belum kesampaian. Mupeng sangaaaaaat….

    1. Rie

      Ayo mbak ke Sabang, kalo dari Batam deket banget 🙂

  13. Pengen ke sana jadinya…semoga berkesempatan ah 🙂

    1. Rie

      aminnnn…. 🙂

  14. I never been there but I have read a lot about Sabang. I just known that Sabang means Santai Banget! Such a beautiful abbreviation. And Whit sand island is too beautiful.. Hopefully one day I will be there…

    1. Rie

      indeed there are a lot of blogs and TV show that showing Sabang beauty, hopefully someday you can visit it too 🙂

  15. dari sabang sampe merauke…
    asyiik..udah sampai di ujung indonesia ya
    tinggal ke merauke nih

    penasaran dengan aceh juga saya
    semoga suatu saat bisa ke sana

    1. Rie

      iya.. pengen ke Merauke juga tapi belum kesampaian, semoga nanti bisa kesana juga 🙂

  16. I was there, awsome place:)

    1. Rie

      it is a really awesome place 🙂

  17. Alhamdulillah.. finally I reach your writing about beautiful land in Batam area..

    I want to go there.. someday.. Insya Allah..

    May Allah bless every journey of us.

    1. Rie

      amiiinn… 🙂

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