[English] Sabang, Treasure in the Western of Indonesia (PART 2)

In my previous article, I wrote about some places that you can visit in Sabang. (Please check the article here) Now, I will continue the article.

On my second day in Sabang, it was raining heavily along with thunder and strong wind. The rain did not stop until about 10 am. We who couldn’t wait to explore finally decided to hop on into the car and explored the island despite the rain. Fortunately, our driver was a very talented driver he was able to drive the car well despite the slippery road. Our plan today was visiting several tourist attractions in the north-western region of Weh Island.

Zero Kilometer Monument

Zero Kilometer monument is located near Iboih Beach. Before entering the gate of Iboih Beach, we turn left from the main road and enter a long shady road where a lot of trees grow on both sides of the road. The route to the Zero Kilometer Monument can be quite stressful if you are not a good driver.  Its up and down with a couple sharp turns blocking along the road, but the fresh air and beautiful scenery along the way make this trip very memorable.

Zero Kilometer monument is made as a state of boundary marker of the most western part of Indonesia. If we go to Merauke (located on Papua Island), there is also a Zero Kilometer Monument marked as the eastern side of Indonesia.

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Iboih Beach

Iboih Beach is a famous beach in Sabang other than Sumur Tiga Beach. The location of the beach that lies just in front of Rubiah Island makes Iboih Beach has a calm wave because the island protected the beach from the strong current. When I first arrived at this beach, I was reminded of the atmosphere in Gili Trawangan, Lombok, where many people sell something on the left side of the road whereas the road was not too big and there is a beautiful beach not far from the beach. The difference between here and Gili Trawangan is there are more people and vehicles rather than in Gili Trawangan Islands.

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I and my friends just spent a little time at Iboih Beach to continue snorkeling at Rubiah Island located just in front of Iboih Beach. Iboih Beach has a fine stretch of white sand, a beautiful bluish green gradient and also a super clear sea water so we can directly look at the bottom of the sea. If I had a longer time, I would have spent one to two nights at the hotels around this beach.

Besides Hotel and food stalls, around this beach, there are also places for renting the snorkeling equipment, diving place, and public bathroom. You can also ask at the snorkeling rental about renting an underwater camera or having a local guide to accompany you during snorkeling.

Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island is located right in front of Iboih Beach. To reach it, we have to cross it by small boat. There are several alternatives to hire boats on this Beach. First one is a one-way system,  Second one, you can rent the boat to drop you to Rubiah Island and pick you up when you finish exploring the island. And the third one is renting the boat per hour or per day. These three ways, of course, have different prices.

The distance between Iboih Beach and Rubiah Island is less than 15 minutes by boat. On the island, there are many places to eat as many as places to rest after snorkeling. I also tried the octopus skewer or Octopus sate (Octopus Skewer) in one of the stalls there. Our guide said that there are also some hotels on this island, but I didn’t see it anyway because we were only exploring the beach.

Rubiah Island has a very calm beach, the scenery above and below the sea is amazing. The water is clear, perfect blue gradation, colorful fishes passing by when we swim. We spent a day snorkeling on this island.

On this occasion, we were accompanied by a guide. He was very familiar with Rubiah Island. He invited us to beautiful places that had many beautiful fish and beautiful corals. Some parts of the island had a lot of sea urchins scorpion fish, so you’d better avoid the area if you want to snorkel in the island.


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Octopus Skewer


Actually, there are some more places that can be visited in Sabang, like  Kasih Beach (one of the best places to watch the sunset in Sabang), the town square of Sabang, Pria Laot Waterfall, Aneuk Laot Lake, and others. But, due to the limited time, we could not visit those places.

That was my story during my trip to Weh Island, hopefully, it can help you if one day you want to visit this beautiful island.

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  1. really awesome ya kak. Apalagi lautnya bersih banget. Sudah lama ingin ke Sabang, penasaran dengan 0 km Indonesia

    1. Rie

      iya lautnya bikin jatuh cinta deh.

  2. I never been Sabang and I love to do that… One day i and my little family will be there. Many thanks for your review…

    1. Rie

      my pleasure. hope one day you and your family will be able to go there 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful place, have heard about Aceh ocean beauty, proud to have all these beauty in our country

    1. Rie

      it is so pretty, we don’t need to go far to enjoy the beauty of nature. 🙂

  4. Sabang ini cakep ya. aku tu meniatkan diri banget kesini, tapi belum kesampaian. semoga deh disegerakan

    1. Rie

      iya cakep banget..

  5. Indah bgt ya, Semoga someday bisa kesini, pulkam ke kampungnya kakek suami

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      aminnn… wah berarti masih ada sodara donk disana ya? 😀

  6. Wah… Kapan aku bisa ke zero km di pulau ini. Pengen banget tapi belum Ada kesempatan menjelajah kesana

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      harus banget disempetin kesana mbak, cantik banget soalnya 🙂

  7. The color of sea water in Rubiah Island is very stunning. Beautiful.

    1. Rie

      it is so beautiful indeed

  8. So clearly the water that beach …. ikannya cakep-cakep, ngggemesin ..

    Beautiful paradise

  9. Amazing, So beautiful pokoknya Sabang. Mungkin karena agak sulit dijangkau jadi masih bagus. Salah satu tujuan wisata impianku

  10. wah sayang banget aku belum sampe nyoba sate gurita waktu ke Sabang 🙁
    mesti balik lg ini mah mbak hihi

    thanks for sharing!

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