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Have you ever been to Bogor? You must have heard of this city, but if you have not, I will tell you something about this small city in the south of Jakarta.

If you visit the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, and get tired of the hustle and bustle of the life of the capital, you can visit Bogor. Geographically, Bogor is located about 60 kilometers South from the City of Jakarta. You can use private cars, buses and trains to reach this city. Most Indonesian people call Bogor the City of Rain because of the location that allows Bogor get rainfall almost every day even during the dry season. If you only have time on the weekends, exploring this city can be done within only one day. What can you do in Bogor for one day? Here’s my suggestion for you:

  1. Exploring the Bogor Botanical Garden.

Kebon Raya Bogor or Bogor Botanic Garden is located in the middle of Bogor city. Situated on 87 hectares land, this place is a home to more than 15000 plants. Around this Botanical Garden, there are several museums such as Bogor Zoological Museum, National Museum of Natural History and also Bogor Palace.

It is said that Kebon Raya Bogor was first created during the time of King Siliwangi in the 1400s, but officially, Bogor Botanical Garden was created in the 1800s during the reign of Thomas Stamford Raffles who had a great interest in Botany and want to make the yard of Bogor Palace a beautiful garden. Currently, Bogor Botanical Garden attracts a lot of public interests especially during the weekend. With the ticket price around Rp.14000 for local people and Rp. 25000 for foreigners you can enjoy the beauties of plants inside the Bogor Botanical Garden.

  1. Visit the Bogor Palace

The Presidential Palace of Bogor is one of the presidential palaces in Indonesia. Around the court yard area there are hundreds of deer imported directly from Nepal which existence is preserved. On daily basis, Bogor Palace can only be visited by groups of people who have been through the administrative tasks and submit it to the Secretariat of the state. However, if you do not want to be bothered by the administrative stuff, you can visit the palace on Bogor’s anniversary every July because the palace will be open for public for a couple of week.

  1. Taste various culinary and snacks.

In addition to nature tourism, we can also do culinary tours in Bogor. There are lots of “hawker” market on the sidewalks. Many cafes and restaurants with cozy places and good food are also available in various corners of Bogor City. Starting from Soto Bogor, Toge Goreng, Surabi, etc. My favorite when visiting Bogor is Doclang or Kupat Tahu, Kue Tete, and Kedai Kita which serves a variety of grilled pizza, fresh juice and pasta.

In addition to the 3 things above, there are also some things you can do in Bogor such as visiting the Gong factory (traditional music instrument), visiting Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkarta, enjoying the Jungeland water park and visiting several museums in the city of Bogor or visit some curug or waterfall on the outskirts of Bogor City.

A Few tips from me if you only have one day to visit this city, from Jakarta:

  • Leave early in the morning by train. You can depart from Kota, Manggarai or Jatinegara station. Bogor Station is the final station if you intend to visit this city.

  • Do not forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat, because the weather in Bogor is unpredictable, you’d better prepare yourself to any kind of weather.

  • If you want to taste some street snacks, make sure the place is clean. We do not want to get any disease after the holidays, right?

  • If you take an angkot (public mini car) to visit one place, make sure you ask the driver whether the car passes your destination or not. This is because in Bogor, there are many angkot available inside the city.

  • If you want to visit curug or waterfall, I suggest you to stay overnight because the location of the waterfall is quite far from the city. If you prefer to stay in the city, there are many places you can stay in with the price ranging from cheap to quite expensive.

So, those are some suggestions from me if someday you visit Bogor, I hope my article will be useful for you to plan your next vacation in the city.


Editor: Anneis
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11 Thoughts to “[English Article] One Fine Day at Bogor”

  1. Wow, Bogor is one of famous city and i wish i could come here one day

  2. I never go to bogor for holiday… I really wanna go holiday let’s go bogor holiday

  3. waduh … pengalaman menarik kalau ke bogor … pasti nya
    1. kebun raya bogor
    2. neng geulis (aw aw aw)
    3. museum bogor

    indah nya masa kecil ku

  4. Ingat zaman kecil, paling seneng ke Instana Bogor krn ada rusanya. Hehee

  5. Dont forget to visit SKI also, especially if you visit with children. You can shop bags, shoes, clothes, taste the delicious culinary, and your children can try to ride horse, swim, etc.

  6. One of my favorite cuisine from Bogor is Asinan Bogor. On last Eid Al Fitr I made Asinan, and thank God, my friends who came to my home love it.

  7. Saya belum pernah ke Bogor.
    Tapi udah sering nyicipin oleh2 khas bogor.
    Baca artikel ini jd mupeng

  8. Kuliner di bogor enyak enyaakk

  9. wih, mantap. Bogor emang selalu menarik mbak Rizka apa lagi sekarang udah banyak tempat2 foto instagramable juga di Bogor kaya devoyage, up side down di sentul hihi
    nanti kalo ke Bogor bisa kabar2in, nanti aku temenin 🙂

    1. Rie

      wah tinggal di Bogor toh? boleh-boleh, ntar kalo kesana kita meet up ya 🙂

      1. iyes, sekarang lg tinggal di Bogor. dulu jadi anak rantau di Ibu Kota.
        siap, keep contact 🙂

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